WENGER Titanium

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(TAB) A line of three Swiss Army Knives commissioned by Wenger, The genuine Swiss Army Knife, as a result of Thilo's earlier proposals to the company. The flagship of the collection is the «Ueli Steck» pro model. Steck was one of the world's top climbers and defined the functions of the knife that are all dedicated to alpinism. The versions «Titanium 1» and «Titanium 2» are declinations of the top-of-the-line-model. The covers of the knife are made in titanium, the blades in Wenger blade steel. Standard bits can be inserted into the knife. It was extremely delighting to add another knife with metal handles - after many of them in plastic - to the Wenger range. Photos ©BMCO / ©Wenger.

WENGER - The Genuine Swiss Army Knife. Ueli Steck, Swiss world record climber. A knife dedicated to mountaineering. And we were asked to bring all those ingredients together in one product. BMCO in a good mood indeed.