We offer our design services to strengthen companies and institutions by the means of good design. And with good design being a thorough and smart investment and in some cases a heritage to look wisely after, our philosophy is to have fewer clients but to offer them a more in-depth support.
Thilo Alex Brunner and Jörg Mettler launch BMCO in 2010. The acronym of their joint platform stands for «Brunner Mettler Collabo.». In 2016, the company consolidates all prior activities of Thilo and Jörg. From then on, BMCO stands for the «Brunner Mettler Company». In 2019, BMCO has been reorganized into two divisions. One focusing on the agency business of BMCO and the other specialized in footwear and apparel design joining forces with ON. While Thilo and Jörg have specialized in different skill sets, they have always shared their fondness for straight forward products. Though typically Swiss values like precision and diligence are paramount in their designs, the two founders of BMCO have never forgotten that the word «functionality» begins with «fun». Over the period of the last ten years, many valuable collaborators have joined. The two founders of BMCO share their responsabilities with several Lead Designers, Junior Designers and Interns.