SWATCH Sistem51 PopUp

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(TAB) When a popular watch company achieves to reduce the number of parts used in a mechanical watch - often synonymous for high-end artisanal watchmaking - from over 200 to 51, this calls for a special celebration. SWATCH introduces its groundbreaking innovation, the Sistem51, in a dedicated store at famous Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich. We distill the ingredients of the Sistem51 to its essence and express this process in a pop up store in typical Swatch manner. What starts as a one-off in Zurich is eventually implemented thirty times all over the world. Photos ©Swatch / ©Cédric Widmer

Swatch has surprised the watch industry again: By reducing the automatic watch from over 200 to 51 parts. And we radically reduced the store which celebrates this piece of innovation to the one single piece which holds the 51 parts in place: The central screw of the movement.