SWATCH Instant Store

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(TAB) SWATCH decided in 2005 to hit the market with guerilla / pop-up stores that can be opened and closed within a very short time at low cost in unusual spots. The rotational moulded «Instant Store Module» outer shape consists of only 60 and 120 degree angles - it can be played with like a giant Lego in order to build many different set-ups. The module features inserted aluminium rails which can be equipped with extruded aluminium panels that carry the watches and visuals. Thilo Alex Brunner and graphic designer Pixelpunk built the stores personally on the spot. Photos ©Stefan Suess Photography / ©Pixelpunk.

It was an exciting time when new retail concepts got tried out. Swatch was the first really big brand to adapt the idea of guerilla stores. To create a module which made store building in non typical environments faster and therefore more surprising was pioneering work.