SIGG Hot & Cold

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(BM) Re-designing an icon is probably one of the biggest honors and one of the most difficult commissions a designer can wish for. BMCO has designed the first ever series of thermo bottles for Swiss heritage brand SIGG. With the famous classic SIGG aluminum bottle in mind, it was all about implementing state of the art thermos insulation technique into a simple, yet contemporary shape which pays homage to the original, yet being a potential new classic. What looks simple was technically very challenging. Brunner Mettler is very happy of being part of this milestone project for SIGG called «Hot & Cold». Photos ©BMCO / ©SIGG

The goal of BMCO was to create a potential new classic which will stay with SIGG for a very, very long time. The efforts and minimal interventions payed off, and SIGG Hot & Cold got honoured with the prestigeous Red Dot Award, the Swiss Design Award and the German Design Award

To work for a heritage brand is great. And to be comissioned to redesign an icon is an honor. Redesigning an icon means for BMCO: Re-interpret enough of the existing elements to make it an hommage and bring enough of new elements to make it contemporary. In other words: A thin red line to walk on.