RIVR Medical Campus

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(JM) When it came to the planning, implementation and furnishing of the RIVR Clinc, the client’s aim was to relieve patients' fear of a doctor's appointment by providing an inspiring and mindful environment. Instead of narrow corridors and small rooms, there are open spaces offering a view of the lake and mountains around Zurich. Despite the evident relation between cosmetic surgery and aesthetics, most clinics don’t manage to make an adequate link between the two. Jörg approached the task by asking unconventional questions: Which materials are atypical in this context and yet fulfill the visual and functional requirements? The resulting atmosphere is an inspiring mix of confidence and relaxation, while keeping the medical aspects trustful and transparent. Photos: ©RIVR / ©VITRA / ©Eduardo Perez

The exam rooms were moved away from the window facade towards the core of the building, creating a semi-public space where all visitors can enjoy a panoramic 360-degree view. Semi-transparent windows inside the exam rooms provide enough privacy without sacrificing the feeling of spaciousness. In the same spirit of openness and transparency, the physicians share a common office, which is visible to patients from the lobby. The team's break rooms are spacious and attractively furnished.