Malvaux N°1

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(TAB) MALVAUX was founded in the homeland of Swiss precision mechanics, the Jura region around the city of Biel by Thilo Alex Brunner, Gérald Marolf and Oliver Laubscher. Although we all love the classic Swiss Army knife, it has two weak spots: Its ergonomics and the opening of the blade. Malvaux has tackled these issues by re-designing the knife from scratch. The result: A bent knife. The blade can be opened without the classic fingernail struggle and every cut is upmost precise. The knife sits perfectly in the hand. Tradition re-interpreted. A new icon, a proper strong ultra sharp pocket knife. The Design Preis Schweiz jury awarded Malvaux N°1 with gold in the category Product-Consumer Goods. Photos ©BMCO / Malvaux.

Design Preis Schweiz Jury: Anyone who dares to take on a cult object like the Swiss Army Knife is embarking on a path of high risk. Malvaux has succeeded in justifying this apparent sacrilege: what is actually just a small adjustment results in substantial added value in functional terms. 

Malvaux produces knives. Model Number 1 has one single blade, made of hand polished stainless steel in a CNC milled aluminium shell. With 88 grams it cannot be compared with its distant relatives that wear plastic uniform. Malvaux Number 1 is a functionally designed cutting tool - and a piece of Swiss cultural heritage.