AIRSTREEEM Brand Identity

15 / 24
(JM) In the world of ostentatious sport graphics, crowded with loud shapes, colors and finishes, we proposed a new clear, light visual image for Airstreeem. A good example, how brand identity can be shaped through consistency and simplicity instead of over-saturating the product with unnecessary information. Together with graphic designer Fabian Stacoff, we completely redefined the visual identity of Airstreeem, putting the same amount of effort into the product graphics, the visual logo and the typographic logo.

We asked ourselves, how must the graphical concept be defined in order to stay visually impactful, even within small surfaces of a bike frame and the high speeds it is ridden with? The goal was acheived through clearly defined unicolor surfaces emphasizing the wheels. By avoiding 2d stickers and clearly separating the colored areas, the visual concept becomes open enough for a variety of expressive colors and finishes, without loosing it’s boldness and recognizability. Photos ©Airstreeem

The typographic logo was taken slightly back, characterized by a cursive and light lettering, emphasizing the fast and lightweight nature of the Airstreeem bikes.The visual logo is based on the three E’s within the brand name, formed into a rotor, giving it a dynamic function and a strong visual presence.