FLINT Outdoor Multitool

14 / 24
(BMCO/Écal) On the occasion of the Milan Design Week ÉCAL has turned a 17th century Milanese palazzo into a contemporary production site and retail shop inspired by a new vision of digital manufacturing. The idea of this project was to present digital manufacturing as an industrial production tool thanks to a print farm.

At BMCO we decided to ask formal and semiotic questions and have fun instead of focusing on serious functionality. A nod to good old chiseled stone. Quoting the first objects ever designed by humans, we play with the notion of production from the the prehistory to today. How do you take formal decisions within an object, which is not anymore defined through the tools of its production? The seemingly natural shape of Flint is completely artificial, becoming a visual representation of existing artifacts. What will be the driving aesthetic forces of rapid manufacturing in the future? Photos: ©Ecal / ©Calypso Mathieu

The Digital Market examines the changing environment of manufacturing processes, it emphasizes how fast and transparent today’s design industry could become, and experiments with new design details that are too intricate to achieve with traditional manufacturing techniques.