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(TAB) On Running is founded in 2009 in Zurich and launches the «Cloudtec®» technology platform for running shoe outsoles. A soft landing and a hard push-off is the unique pitch of the brand. Thilo has started working with the On founders some months before the brand was even born. Together they elaborated the product design language of the brand. To design shoes which deliver a performance statement yet are not overcharged has been a key design thought from the early days. In over nine years – for some years alone, then together with his team – Thilo has designed the whole range of the brand. While focussing entirely on shoes during the first few years, an apparel and textile accessory collection was added to the brands portfolio in 2015. Until today, both segments, shoes and apparel, see a significant number of products being added every year, all designed by the same team. In parallel, Thilo and crew developed as well countless solutions for displaying On’s products in retail and on fairs. Photos ©On

The result is what Thilo calls his ideal design business case: «Collaborating with and learning from an ambitious, innovative business team with a vision; enjoying full freedom and responsibility given to the designer; and showing what applying a design strategy and a design language consequently to a whole product range can do for a brand».