ON Running Apparel

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(TAB) As a natural extension to On’s shoes, BMCO has designed the On Apparel collections, focusing on running wear essentials. 1.5 years in the making On Apparel has been developed with the same uncompromising attention to detail as the award winning shoes. We tend to think that it takes a lot of effort to make something that seems effortless. Highly technical & functionally driven, all pieces use design cues from various streetwear classics from Mackintosh jacket to sweatpants and a muted color palette to blend into the urban environment. The collection won the Golden Rabbit, issued by the renown Swiss Design Magazine Hochparterre. Photos ©On 

The result is what Thilo calls his ideal design business case: «Collaborating with and learning from an ambitious, innovative business team with a vision; enjoying full freedom and responsibility given to the designer; and showing what applying a design strategy and a design language consequently to a whole product range can do for a brand».