NEVO Urban Mask

5 / 24
When we started researching on the lack of adequate urban breathing protection back in 2019, we had no idea how quickly masks may become a new reality of the global life. Even before CoVid, the worldwide death toll on consequences of airborne particulate matter counted up to 7 Mio deaths yearly. Couple of months into the project, the CoVid pandemic emerged and changed everything.

Together with Helvitec Labs amd Innov3 in Lausanne we set out to create NEVO – the most secure, comfortable and good looking mask on the market. Grab yours here

We embarked on the journey to create a completely new product category of urban protection with the mission to encourage safe and healthy micro-mobility. By ensuring a perfect fit and optimal sealing, NEVO is one of the few masks on the market with the potential to efficiently protect also the wearer and not only their surroundings.

NEVO needed to be developed at highest speed – from idea to production within one year. Working from the lockdown catapulted our workflow towards fast, digital co-creation through collaborative and cloud based CAD platforms and an entirely digital communication and ideation process.

With the focus on urban air protection, be it from pollution, be it from viruses and bacteria a perfect seal is crucial. The exchangeable filter is protected from contamination by an anti-bacterially treated textile. To ensure a perfect fit, the filter is enclosed within a hard shell, the sealing towards the face is granted through a soft over-moulded morphological seal.

Due to a proprietary construction, the mask is held in place with a single flexible and adjustable strap with minimal skin contact. It is closed by a magnetic, auto-snapping hook and ensures compatibility with all urban accessories like glasses, headphones or helmets. The size is adapted on the go with velcros and the silicone bungee link flexes and stretches in all directions, following the natural movements of the head.