MAXON Showcase

16 / 24
(JM) The collaboration with Maxon is a good example of a long term strategical partnership, showing how design can assist an industrial company on various levels. Maxon is thoroughly Swiss company with an international range and a market leader in high precision dc motors. We consult the brand in questions of design identity ranging from displays, showpieces and interior design to the overall three-dimensional  appearance. Photos: ©Philip Hänger

In order to highlight the value and craft behind the Maxon high-end dc motors, we designed showcases which reference the jewelry universe. The conscious choice of warm and soft materials contrasts the cold, technical aspects of the products. The abstract satellite images of Mars (where Maxon motors are also used) put the displays into a context, further enriching the otherwise technical aspects of the dc motors.

The modular system of stairs, rails and pedestals ensures a flexible presentation which can adapt to varying sizes of motors and controlling systems. Furthermore a pre-defined grid ensures that the overall look stays consistent and simplifies the curation of the displays.