HREFNA The Whalebone Project

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(MR) In winter of 2013 Miloš had the oportunity to participate in a Workshop in Iceland, organized as a collaboration of the ECAL with the Icelandic School of Arts and led by Brynjar Sigurðarson. Working with materials typical for the region but remote to design like whalebones, shark teeth or fish skins. resulted in concepts, which were than refined and presented at the Furniture Fair in Milano, the Designer's Days in Paris, and the show Quiz in Nancy, curated by Robert Stadler. It's last stop was at the exhibition Futur Archaïque by Yves Mirande at the Mudac, Lausanne. The interpretation of nature's beauty through the hands of a designer can only fail. But it may create a beautiful failure. Photos: Nicolas Genta & Emile Barret

One half of this 1.5m tall and 50kg heavy minkwhale scull was analyzed, manually remodelled and covered in a dozen of filler and paint layers. The surfaces where then polished and lacquered to an automotive quality finish.